Grass Mowing And Other Lawn Care Services in Richardson, Texas

About Lone Star Lawn

Lone Star Lawns has been cutting grass for the residents of Richardson, TX and surrounding areas since 1981. All of our employees are fully trained and experienced in cutting grass, trimming, and landscaping task. We expect that all of all employees are legally allowed to work in the United States and have met all background checks and pay taxes and contribute to the community.

Residential Lawn Care

Home owners in and around Richardson, Texas have relied on Lone Star Lawn to provide regular and dependable grass mowing services. Jed has been running Lone Star Lawns since 1981 and offers a wide array or lawn care services for the residential home owner. Contact us for a free quote for a one-time or on-going lawn care quote.

Commercial Lawn Care

Attention to detail is important to our commercial and retail clients. There is no second chance to make a first impression. Lone Star Lawns can give you the lawn care service you have been looking for as a business in the Richardson area. We can mow, trim, edge, hedge, and even landscape as needed. Give us a call to define a lawn care service schedule that meets the needs of your organization.

Weed Eating

Along fence lines, building foundations, driveways, sidewalks, and other items in the lawn or landscape weed eating is often needed. While we are cutting grass, we can provide commercial and residential weed eating (weed whacking) services in the Richardson, TX area.

Crepe Myrtle Pruning

When properly pruned Crepe Myrtle Trees can be a beautiful addition to your landscape. All too often the crime of "Crepe Myrtle Murder" happens. It is frequently that home owners all over the Richardson area cuts the tree back to nothing which is not recommended. Lone Star Lawns can properly prune your trees and bushes.

Leaf & Debris Blowing

For most cutting ones lawn is more than just getting it done. So, it is important to cut the grass, weed eat, and edge, but it is also important for a finished look. Leaf & debris blowing will efficiently move the cut debris, and trash to a compact localized location where it can be easily collected and hauled off, mulched, burned, bagged, or left to decompose.

Flower Planting

There are many opportunities around your home or business in the Richardson area to enhance the beauty of your property with flowers and decorative plants. Feel free to call Lone Star Lawns of Richardson, TX to plant your flowers and other decorative plants for you this spring.

Planting Bed Work

If you have planting beds that have been a little grown over or neglected the Lone Star Lawn crew can perform some simple weeding and cultivating to bring your flower beds, or landscaping back to a presentable state. Give us a call to refresh your planting beds in the Richardson area.

Push Mower Grass Cutting

Bigger is not always better. We can use small push mowers to cut the grass in small or compact areas. If tire marks, or in the case of soft soil we can also push mow your lawn in Richardson, TX.

Riding Lawn Mowing

We use quality equipment to mow your lawn or lot with. We use riding mowers to cut large areas of grass. Lone Star Lawns can provide Riding Lawn Mowing services in and near Richardson, TX.

Basic Mowing

If you just need your grass cut and are looking for a budget lawn service Lone Star Lawns offers a basic grass cutting package. Give us a call for an estimate and details.

Custom Lawn Care Contracts

If you have detailed specification on what and how your lawn and landscape is maintained give us a call and we can define a custom lawn care contract that meets your specific needs. We look forward to providing you with quality and responsive service in the Richardson area.

Scheduled Lawn Care Contracts

If the day of week and time that your lawn care service is preformed is of importance to you we can schedule future services in advance. Weather permitting we can work with you to define a schedule of when and what services or performed at your home or business.